Understanding your customer and your industry is key to knowing what to market, who to market to and how to reach them. Without an appropriate research and market analysis strategy – and the right insights partner to provide it – brands may inadvertently risk targeting the wrong people or offer customers something they don't want.

Matching the right insights partner to your business needs is an essential part of your marketing success. There are hundreds if not thousands of suppliers out there who provide everything from sample, to data collection to advanced analysis and business issue consulting. Not to mention the growing number of DIY and SaaS solutions.  

But most suppliers are siloed and only excel at part of the research process. And while DIY solutions may seem a more cost-effective solution on the surface, client companies usually lack the internal resources and research skills to make them efficient or effective over the long-term.

So how do you pick the right partner for your insights needs?

Well, you could find a supplier that excels at the full spectrum of insights consulting and services. But in today’s hyper-segmented market, few truly full-service insights partners exist. So, can a single vendor actually provide the broad expertise you need to design, execute, analyze and produce the actionable insights necessary to inform your key business decisions?

The answer is yes!

What Sets Ironwood Apart

Our team is made up of experts in every phase of the research process that stay with your project for all the steps in the research process from the initial conversations to the return of results.

Ironwood provides competent and connected research experiences for clients from start to finish.

We also conduct all primary phases of the project in-house. No outsourcing or offshoring here. With a team of seasoned consultants available at every step of the research process and in-house operations and management, we provide a higher level of quality and control over all projects.

Ironwood Insights specifically offers clients advantages at each stage of a project whether that be research design, execution or analysis:


  • We take the time to understand your research objectives at the very beginning and work to design the best study possible before moving forward. 
  • Senior leaders are integrated into every project – the person you work with in the proposal process stays with you through all steps of the research program. 
  • Our depth of methodological experience across a wide variety of business issues and industries allows us to develop designs that optimize both your informational needs and your budget.


  • Our Project Managers are not junior. They have years, even decades of experience across all levels and roles in market research – and that allows you to have full confidence in the quality of your data.
  • Our Project Managers have a deep and integrated knowledge of the research process from the ground up. Many started out interviewing or overseeing data collection on the programs and accounts they lead today.
  • Our Project Management and Operations teams have “seen it all” before and integrate seamlessly on project execution to ensure that clients have a connected and engaging experience.


  • We ensure continuity from design through analysis – the same team involved in the design and execution of your study will lead the analysis to ensure that the background and design nuances are addressed in the study outcomes.
  • You’ll work with in-house analysts that do all data analytics internally and understand not only research methodology and leading-edge analytics but also industry issues and the nuances of our clients' businesses.
  • Our expertise spans everything from the most intricate statistical analyses – Brand Equity, Discrete Choice, Segmentation – to projective qualitative techniques, sentiment analysis and AI-led machine learning… and more!

Ironwood Insights is the “Swiss Army Knife” of insights firms – we have the tools to address any business issue or data collection challenge. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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